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ACROBiosystems is a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins and other critical reagents to support the development of target therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. The company employs an application-oriented development strategy, with a particular focus on product design, quality control and solution-based support. Our products and services enable anyone in the field of drug development to have a more intuitive and streamlined process.

ACROBiosystems' catalog includes a comprehensive list of disease-associated biomarkers and drug targets from humans to other common species. All of our products are produced with high quality and batch-to-batch consistency to satisfy the rigorous standards of pharmaceutical research and development.

Facing with the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2, ACROBiosystems has been keeping a close eye on the development of the epidemic situation and accelerating the development of SARS-COV-2 antigen proteins, antibodies, kits and other related products to facilitate the development of serologic tests, therapeutic antibodies and vaccines.

ACROBiosystems continue to grow and adapt to bring more value to our clients by providing more technical resources and custom services, promoting training and communication opportunities, initiating collaborations in the bio-industry community, and facilitating transactions in the dynamic global and each niche market.

Our Customers


Why Choose ACROBiosystems

MProduct Design

Product Design

> AviTag technology used for biotin-labeled proteins

> Licensed Nanodisc technology used for integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins.

Stable Quality

Stable Quality

> High batch-to-batch consistency

> Bioactivity validated for most products

> High purity validated by HPLC/SDS-PAGE

> HEK293 expreesion system to ensure natural conformation

Learn moreLearn more

Technical Assistance

Technical Support

> Protocols of bioactivity validation are offered

> 24 hours technical support from professional team

> Experienced in biological drug development field

Faster Response

Fast Response

> Next day delivery but same day rush order is available for US and China

> 3-5 business days for world-wide delivery

> Online chat is at your service

Core Technologies

Proprietary HEK293 expression platform with strict animal-free and xeno-free conditions.

In-house developed enzymatic and chemical biotin labeling technique with bioactivity and labeling ratio optimized Featured Brand.

With years of experience, we have established our own brands: MABSol®proteins and assay kits. The MABSol®brand products cover every step of the antibody drug development pipeline: diverse antigens for injection and selection; MABSol® Biotin Labeled Proteins for assay, immuno-capture and quantitative analysis; MABSol® Five-Minute MAB Isotyping Kits for antibody isotyping, purification media and MABSol® Fc Receptors for antibody optimization.

Key Product Lines and Hot Products

Assay Platforms

In our efforts to provide the right blend of innovation and value to our clients, ACROBiosystems scientists have implemented mastered numerous assay platforms over the years. We opened the Innovation Lab in Wilmington Delaware, to further develop technologies and services that complement the existing portfolio of over 1500 recombinant proteins. New technologies are in the pipeline and soon to be released, adding even more benefit to development of Immune Oncology Targets.

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