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Discovery Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy
A Partner to Your Cell Therapy Journey
from discovery to commercialization

Cell and gene therapy has never been more exciting with the new advancements and research in this field. Breakthroughs such as CAR-NK and next-generation CAR constructs are just around the corner and ready to enter the clinical pipeline, not to mention the discovery of new target antigens. However, manufacturing and commercializing cell therapies have never been more challenging. New, updated guidelines and regulations are constantly evolving to catch up with the discovery and implementation of impactful, innovative cell and gene therapies.
Helping our partners navigate and advance their cell and gene therapies has always been a cornerstone in ACROBiosystems, starting from the very first recombinant antigen sold from us. With our products and reagents, we strive to provide the highest quality products possible, tailored for your cell and gene therapy needs and applications.
A Partner to Your Cell Therapy Journey
Venturing into cell therapy?

Explore our CAR-T cell therapy
manufacturing workflow and learn about
the key considerations and elements
needed at each step.

Venturing into cell therapy


Chimeric Antigen
Receptor (CAR) Design

Introducing gene elements into the cell are all a part of CAR design and development with several key considerations when developing your own gene-modified cells.

CAR Construct - Antigen Recognition & Signaling

Gene Vector - Genetic Material Delivery System

Starting Material - Cell Source

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Design

Manufacturing & Controls


Chemistry, Manufacturing. and Controls (CMC) is a key step in any manufacturing process where the key criteria is product safety and manufacturing control.

Vector Manufacturing & Testing
Cellular Starting Materials
CAR Product Lifecycle Management
CAR T Cell Manufacturing
CAR T Analytical Testing

Chemistry,Manufacturing & Controls


Preclinical Research:
In Vitro & In Vivo Models

Moving into preclinical research is a big step for most cell therapies. At this stage, proving that it is reasonably safe to administer your therapy in a clinical trial is the #1 priority.

Vector / Cellular Component Safety - Safety & Efficacy

In Vivo Testing - Mouse & other Animal Models

Additional Modifications - Evaluating Formulation Changes

Preclinical Research: In Vitro & In Vivo Models

Clinical Research:
Phase I, Il, IIl & V


Clinical Research is the final hurdle for cell therapies that is split into 3 (sometimes 4) phases to evaluate safety and efficacy in human populations

Population Study / Treatment Plan - Dosage, Target Pop.

PK/PD Studies - Metabolism & Mechanism of Action

Immunogenicity - Patient Safety

Safety Evaluation & Monitoring

Clinical Research: Phase 1. Il. IIl & V
Where Next for Cell Therapies?

Cell therapies are a new, revolutionary type of medicine that has the potential to be a major breakthrough in advancing global health. No matter the type of cell therapy you are looking to discover, develop, manufacture, or commercialize, we offer an expansive catalog to help you throughout your cell and gene therapy drug development. Take advantage of our extensive portfolio and find the right solutions for you.

Immune Cell Therapies

Immune Cell TherapiesMore>>

Gene-modified Cell Therapies

Gene-modified Cell TherapiesMore>>

Other Cell Therapies

Other Cell TherapiesMore>>

Solutions for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Custom GMP-grade Protein Services

Since cell therapies are personalized, shouldn’t the raw materials that you use to manufacture cell therapies be personal too? At ACROBiosystems, we offer custom GMP-grade protein development services that maintain the same, high-quality (and GMP-grade) that you expect from our products.

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Cytokines & Growth Factors

RUO, Premium, GMP grade Materials

Cell culturing is an integral part of cell therapies, especially manufacturing. Whatever your needs are, from discovery to commercialization, we offer high-quality, validated cytokines and growth factors so you can have consistent results each and every time.

Establishing a GMP-grade Quality Management System

Especially regarding cell therapies, the safety and quality of raw materials is of the utmost importance. To comply with both domestic and international regulations, our quality management system implements stricter quality controls and process management to ensure that the products that you use are safe.

Discover our QMS
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Residue Detection Kits

Ensuring the Safety of your Therapies

Since cell therapies are biological in origin, there are a significant amount of concerns with regards to the introduction of cross-species DNA and other genomic material. We offer a wide variety of nucleases to eliminate DNA/RNA traces, as well as kits to detect a wide variety of contaminants to ensure that your therapies comply with safety regulations.

ACRO Quality

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