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Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution (AE Marker)

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ABK001-C01Trigger A (Oxidant solution)1 L
ABK001-C02Trigger B (Enhancer solution)1 L
  • Background
    The chemiluminescence substrate solution is a simple triggering reagent for acridinium ester (AE) fast light emission. Acridinium ester is the most commonly used for protein labeling and widely used in automated instruments because of its high sensitivity with detection limits in the attomole range. This product is suitable for acridinium ester labels on chemiluminescence technology, it is provided in two liquid buffer of Trigger A (Oxidant solution) and Trigger B (Enhancer solution) in each kit. When used, mix Trigger A and Trigger B in equal volume by 1:1, and light emission from acridinium esters is quite rapid and is essentially complete in <5s.
  • Application
    The chemiluminescence substrate solution is used to trigger acridinium ester labels to give a quite rapid light emission in chemiluminescence technology.
  • Storage
    4°C~30°C under sterile conditions for 12 months. Do not freeze. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.

When used the Chemiluminescent Substrate Solution (AE Marker) (Cat. No. ABK-001) in a sandwich MPCLIA Assay for detection of Monoclonal Anti-Human CD3 Antibody, Mouse IgG2a (Clone: OKT3), premium grade. Immobilized 0.04 μg /Test of Biotinylated Human CD3E&CD3D Heterodimer Protein, His,Avitag&Tag Free (Cat. No. CDD-H82W6) to the Streptavidin-Magnetic Beads (recommended for MPCLIA) (Cat. No. MPC-A006, 20 μg beads/Test), incubated with 100 μL /Test of Monoclonal Anti-Human CD3 Antibody, Mouse IgG2a (Clone: OKT3), premium grade (Cat. No. CDE-M120a) at increasing concentration coupled to Anti-Mouse IgG-Acridinium ester(Cat. No. AMG-S163, 0.04 μg /Test). Detection was performed with sensitivity of 0.98 ng/mL in Magnetism particulate chemiluminescence immunoassay (MPCLIA) (KEYSMILE, SMART 6500S) (QC tested).

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