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Universal ELISA Kits - Make the screening and quantification easier

Universal ELISA Kits

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) have been around as one of the primary methods of analyte detection for decades. It is regarded as the most accessible and flexible assay formats for the biological assays. ELISA can be used for biopanning, molecule screening, molecule quantification, pharmacokinetic assays and immunogenicity assays, etc. ACRO took the advantages of our own comprehensive list of target protein products, and developed a serial of ready-to-use universal ELISA kits. These ELISA kits will greatly save your time and hassle for your drug development process.

What is included in our kit

  1. One 96-well streptavidin plate

  2. Antigen protein - Avi tag

  3. HRP- secondary antibody

  4. Diluent Buffer: for blocking and sample dilution.

How the ELISA kits work

Fig.1 The assay principle of the ELISA kit

Product List
Cat. No.ProductSize
TAT-K004Anti-TIGIT ELISA kit96 tests
TAH-K005Anti-Her-2 ELISA kit96 tests
TAL-K006Anti-LAG-3 ELISA kit96 tests

>>> There are more ELISA kits coming soon. Click here to let us know your custom inquiry.


Low background noise

The serum samples contain many factors that may potentially interfere with the indirect ELISA result. This is the major reason for the background issue. We include the diluent buffer in the kit to help solving the problem.

Fig. 2 Determination of serum drug concentration using anti-Her-2 ELISA Kit

High sensitivity and wide detection range

Our ELISA kits utilized an indirect ELISA format. Antigen coating is achieved through the binding between biotin and streptavidin. The sensitivity can reach the level of ng/ml. The detection range is about 2 to 3 logs

Fig.3 Immobilized human LAG-3 protein, Avi Tag (Cat. No. LA3-H82E5) at 1 μg/mL (100 μL/well) can bind Anti-LAG-3 Neutralizing Antibody with a linear range of 4.096-160 ng/mL

Consistent performance

We install rigorous quality control program to ensure the lot-to-lot consistency. Every batch of products are analyzed to meet our internal standards. The product will be released only if all standards are met.

Fig.4 Determination of serum drug concentration using anti-TIGIT ELISA Kit. Consistent results were achieved when perform the assay on various days

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